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EPS Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine
  • EPS Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine

EPS Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine

Item No.: 11
Hebei Feixiang Roll Forming Machinery are manufacturing roll forming machine,if you need the EPS Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine,can contact us.
FIve Tons Decoiler


No. Uncoiler
Inner Diameter 450-550mm
Max Outer Diameter 1500mm
Max Feeding Width 1250mm
Capacity 5 Tons
Roll Former


No. Roll Forming Machine
Raw Material PPGI/PPGL
Material Thickness 0.3-0.8mm
Feeding Width Customized  600-1200mm
Product Wave Height Customized 
Machine Shaft Material #45 Steel
Machine Roller #45 Steel
Forming Speed 4-6m/min
Forming Group 13 Groups
Transmission Type Chain
Power Voltage 380V/50HZ
Main Motor 4 KW
Cutting System Blade Cr 12
Cutting Type Length set cutting
Control System PLC
Laminating Unit


No. Forming Machine
Forming speed 4-6m/min
Inject material Eps/Rock wool
Main power 7.5KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ/80Amps
Forming group 16 group
Shaft material #45 steel
Roller material Rubber
Roller diameter 100mm
Control system PLC
Compound sheet thickness 15-30mm
Product width 600mm-1200mm
Dimension 45000*2550*2800mm
Annual output  600,000m²
Gluing System


No. Specification
Gluing motor 3kw*4
Gluing type Dispensing by rubber tube
Gluing component A+B component
Gluing speed Defined
Gluing area Defined
Cutting Unit And Conveyer


No. Specification
Cutting type Saw cutting
Cutting length Defined
Cutting unit design Moving longitudinally along the slide
Cutting speed Fully synchronized with production line
No. Specification
Length Common 3 meters
Roller number 5 rollers
Roller material #45 steel
Roller diameter 25mm